Welcome to the OBPM family


At OBPM, our mission is simple. We strive to provide outstanding service, quality and value to every project we undertake. In addition, we conduct our business with a level of professionalism not common in our industry.

We do business differently!

    When you meet with a representative from OBPM at your home or in our design center, you are meeting with a 

    building professional with many years of actual construction, design & estimating experience, not a salesman.

    We rely on an honest dialogue and we will never tell you want you want to hear just to get the job.

    If we cannot do your job due to scheduling or if we are simply not a “fit”, we will tell you.

    We will never give you unrealistic start or finish time frames.

    Our quotations are spelled out in detail and our pricing is always all inclusive so there are no hidden extras that

    come up in the middle of the job.

    We always discuss upfront the potential issues that may arise during the project along with the potential time and            

    cost impacts.


    We will never ask that you; pay us cash, pay our associates directly, obtain your own building permits, perform work   

    required to be performed by licensed professionals or anything that is unsafe, unethical or illegal.

Give us a call for your next building or remodeling project. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project in detail and provide a no-obligation consultation and estimate.